Training and support

Custom training programs and documentation ensures an easy transition for using Exploration Archives.

We offer remote or on-site user-based training, and our support staff is always available by telephone or email. Our online help topics and resources cover all Exploration Archives modules and extensions. Custom documentation services are available for client-specific workflows.


With more than 30 years in the industry, we develop strategic, long-term solutions that incorporate individual business workflows.

We understand the complexities of subsurface data management and draw expertise from working closely with consultants, data managers, vendors and geophysicists. We evaluate business goals, data repositories, office logistics and system infrastructure to determine the most effective workflows. Our workflow recommendations achieve maximum use of data assets in ways that support key decisions for exploration and production projects.

Custom development

The Exploration Archives developers have an in-depth understanding of data management and create custom applications that support unique workflows.

Exploration Archives is versatile for managing seismic data repositories, creating new data inventories, brokering and licensing seismic data, and supporting multi-client services. Beyond the standard modules and extensions, our software developers create custom add-ons and modifications to address the unique business requirements of our clients.


Dedicated project manager ensures a successful implementation that aligns with the client’s methodology and expectations.

Our specialists in software and systems integration manage and coordinate the implementation processes for a smooth transition. We cover all areas of implementation from content readiness to systems integration and user training.

Data migration

Our team of data specialists foster the data migration process and maintain the data integrity across the storage platforms, databases and application systems.

We analyze the source format and environment, assess potential migration issues, investigate resolutions and test the data with the destination environment before performing the final migration. Throughout the process, we ensure precision with cataloguing and indexing current data, and coordinate the retirement of legacy data into a secure and accessible archive.

Data conversion

We successfully convert well and seismic data from compromised formats and from competitor storage solutions, ensuring unhindered access to your data.

The philosophy and technology for storing and maintaining seismic data has evolved over the decades, resulting in a variety of storage types, formats and systems. Our data conversion services maintain the authenticity and integrity of your data, while ensuring the original format is available whenever you need it. We have successfully converted seismic data repositories from proprietary formats back to original, providing clients with unhindered access.