Your seismic data.
Our dedication.

We are dedicated to simplifying the complex tasks of seismic data management.

Talus Technologies is a software development company with a team of highly skilled developers, expert data managers, and technical professionals. We developed Exploration Archives for exploration and production (E&P) companies to have a robust and simple method for managing seismic data.
We understand the value of geophysical data and the advantage of having an effective data management solution - this requires more than just the implementation of software. Our solution involves collaborating with you during the consultation and discovery phase. Establishing an approach for implementing Exploration Archives begins once we understand your business workflows and your particular challenges. We configure Exploration Archives based on the needs of your team and your business processes. We work closely with you during deployment to ensure business continuity and a smooth transition for your end-users.
We have experience upgrading clients from various legacy systems on the market today to Exploration Archives, and our clients tell us they experience cleaner data, reduced storage costs, and increased productivity.

Talus Technologies’ approach to assisting with installation serves as an industry benchmark for how timely and responsive technical assistance should be performed.

– Client response in lessons learned report



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