The Core Modules That Make Our Geophysical Data Management Software Industry-Leading

When we say we provide the best geophysical data management system, we aren’t spouting off hyperbole. We mean it.


Our software is engineered to be the most useful, efficient, product within the geophysical space.


Oil and gas companies have a finite amount of options when it comes to geophysical data management software choices. With many companies still operating on old, outdated management platforms, more are aware that a more modern, frictionless management solution is necessary not only to keep up with fellow industry players but also to handle the large mass of data that is collected.


We strongly believe that Exploration Archives is the best geophysical data management solution on the market.


Our technology speaks for itself when stacked up against the competition. Our software is built with several core modules that are directly necessary for oil and gas companies to properly intake, organize, clean, share, and read their collected data.

Seismic data management

Our seismic data management module gives you a complete overview of the inventory in your data repository as well as access to all of the associated files and reports. This all-inclusive module manages all of your seismic data and exploration well data. Our intuitive system offers one-process data migration and importing that scans for SEG-Y attributes for indexing. You can index your data with tags that allow you to filter for the narrowest seismic details, giving you complete access to and control over every aspect of your information.


Well data management

With the well data management platform, Exploration Archives provides you with a specific platform for managing and accessing all of your well data, including:

  • Well logs and curves
  • Well cores
  • Well reports

Our powerful search tool can sift through a large volume of well data and its associated images and documents, providing you easy access via a text-based grid and a geographical display. Click on the map view for a detailed overview of locations and associated log files and well curves. Once you pull up the specific well data you need, it can be easily downloaded to a workstation in a standard format. 


Bin grid management

When you need to create, manage, or edit your bin grids, the bin grid management module’s built-in algorithms provide the precision you need. With this module, you can link the bin grid definitions to seismic surveys and products. As part of Explorations Archives’ overall data management, the bin grid details — such as the projected CRS, quality control sequences, bin geometry, and seismic and file links — link to your data, providing you with complete access to the data you need in the necessary form. 

Interactive map view

Sometimes a text-based grid doesn’t give you the overall picture that you need. Our interactive map view gives you a geographical representation of all of your seismic and well data at regional and global levels. You can filter the data by coordinate systems, grids, projections, and datum. A database search will display the results on the map. You can then transfer the results to a grid to work with them more if needed.


The interactive map view isn’t just an alternate display method, however. You can also draw seismic lines to upload new data. With Esri® ArcGIS® map control communication, support of Esri transformation routines, and instant mapping of data, you can verify spatial integrity and perform quality control procedures with ease. 


SEG-Y quality control

The Exploration Archives platform includes a SEG-Y scan tool that significantly reduces your storage requirements, provides an overview of the data, and eliminates the need to manage templates.


You can extract the critical data you need, including a live trace outline, amplitude map, and time sections and time slice. You can also create a replica in a compressed format. This gives you enough information to perform on-demand quality checking and verification. Our built-in quality control measures identify compromised data that may need further investigation during the scanning process. Your geoscientists can quickly determine if they need the data for their current project before they download it to their workstation. 


Data order management

The Data Request module allows for quick and efficient self-serve access to your seismic data repository. This system handles both internal and external requests for online, nearline, and offline data. It tracks requests as well as transmittals or processing records. It then sends an automatic email to the recipient with the transmittal information, including a Microsoft Excel® file listing the requested data information. 


You can give internal geophysicists access to systems and data with authenticated credentials, and create public access accounts for customers. The request fields include options for detailed notes and attaching supplemental files. All requests are handled via a data delivery subsystem that maintains a complete audit record. 

Project tracker

The Project Tracker module gives you a big-picture overview for tracking all aspects of your seismic acquisition projects. Your geophysicist and data management team will use the Project Tracker as their central hub. This is used to monitor the status of all aspects of your project through its completion; it keeps stakeholders informed in real-time of data movement and the status of activities, and maintains a record of the project details. 


Archive and remediation

Exploration Archives is dedicated to quality control. Our archive and remediation module supports remastering and rationalization projects. We provide automated functions for identifying errors and cataloging and migrating data. The archive and remediation module performs quality control tasks that evaluate your data to verify its completeness and accuracy while avoiding duplication. 


Data access and retrieval

Our powerful search engine and custom filters allow you to quickly and easily access your data — whether it’s stored online, offline, or nearline — on any server in any location. We take your data security seriously, so our platform provides authenticated access safeguards so that only approved users can access your data. Our platform is built on a distributed architecture to allow multiple users in multiple locations to work together seamlessly.  


Administration and settings

The Administration module gives you the control to create user profiles, custom workflows, and unique data fields. You can manage the details of your approved vendors and business associates. This is the module where you can set the parameters for metadata and enhance the user workflow by creating custom coordinate transformations, map layers, and file transfer paths. 


You can design custom templates for reports and searches that are specific to particular departments or local and regional offices. This is also the module that gives you access to set your unique system codes and properties. 

The Best Geophysical Data Management Software Available

Exploration Archives was developed by professionals with a deep understanding of seismic data. We want to partner with you to provide the best geophysical data management solution on the market. Our experts will work with you to develop custom applications for your unique workflows and provide training programs and documentation for your team. Reach out to our team today to see how we can help you get the most out of your valuable data and stay competitive in an increasingly complex market.