Why We Believe Exploration Archives is the Best Tool for Geophysical Data Management

If you’re in the oil and gas industry, you know that choosing the best exploration software is a decision of careful consideration. The market of geophysical data management tools is filled with software solutions that claim to be “industry-leading” and “best-in-class.” However, these software tools fall short of being a true holistic data management solution.

Due to the sheer volume of data that oil and gas companies collect, an ideal geophysical data management solution must be responsive and intuitive. Unfortunately, many of the existing technologies don’t operate on the most up-to-date software. By providing your team with limited, dated tools, they won’t be able to access, control, manipulate, or organize data in its “cleanest” form. This has made the process of geophysical data management much more difficult than it needs to be — which in turn has decreased the efficiency and revenue of oil and gas companies.

To make the most out of your data and increase business agility, you need the best tool for geophysical data management: Exploration Archives. Machine learning-enabled, scalable, and flexible, Exploration Archives has powerful integration capabilities that streamline your workflow. 

The Perfect SeismicData Management System

Exploration Archives is the seismic data management system you’ve been waiting for.

With powerful data management and storage capabilities, Exploration Archives is an enterprise-wide application that allows you to manage, manipulate, store, and organize geological and geophysical (G&G) data with precision. 

Our software will turn “big data” from being a potential barrier to a business driving enabler. With other tools, big data is often overwhelming and confusing. With our software, however, you will be able to quickly: 


  • Find and locate files
  • Access multiple data repositories with a single system of record
  • Perform quality control with data snapshots
  • Monitor the completion of contract fulfillment

Machine-learning enabled and equipped with automatic scanning abilities, Exploration Archives is built on a modern technology stack and supports multiple deployment options. It unlocks a degree of data organization and management you didn’t realize was possible before.

We also offer automated quality control processes for SEG-Y files during data cataloging and migration to ensure you get accurate and high-value data. Our SEG-Y scan module generates “snapshots” in a compressed format to reduce storage requirements and provide quick access to data and image details. These snapshots give your geophysicists the information they need to decide if the data is relevant to a project before downloading the full information file to their workstations. This saves you and your team the time and money that would ordinarily be spent just evaluating irrelevant files. 

Straightforward, Flexible Integration Capabilities

Like others in the oil and gas industry, your company is already using a variety of digital tools to manage your data, clients, and other business factors. Adding yet another piece of software into your arsenal of tools could disjoint your workflow; the new software might not be able to integrate properly with your existing network of tools, creating a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.

Fortunately, Exploration Archives was made to integrate with your already existing systems to provide a seamless addition to your workflow — so you don’t need to be concerned about throwing off your workflow when you incorporate it into your systems. It is compatible with most existing geophysical tools like Esri® ArcGIS® and provides availability, integrity, usability, and security of your data assets. 

Exploration Archives is also incredibly straightforward to use. All authorized users have access to online, offline, or nearline data through a consistent interface and a single access point. Our distributed application architecture also accommodates external or internal hosting, so you can connect our software to any storage platform at any location.

Additionally, we provide a secure Administration module that allows administrators to create custom workflows, manage user profiles, and configure unique data fields. It also allows you to:

  • Maintain the details of approved business associates and approved vendors
  • Set custom coordinate transformations, file transfer paths, and map layers to boost user workflows
  • Set quality standards for metadata by defining and creating table parameters and setting limitations for the field entry
  • Build custom templates for searches and reports for local and regional offices and departments
  • Allow access for setting unique system properties and system codes

Scalable, Supported Geophysical Data Management Software

Exploration Archives is the best tool for geophysical data management as it’s adaptable, expandable and versatile; it is a one-size-fits-all software.

Our platform can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. We offer a variety of platform add-ons like tools for ArcMap®, our file transfer service, and a services package to suit your needs.

Our tools for ArcMap® allow you to perform specialized geoprocessing functions by importing data to Exploration Archives. The data is imported directly from line, point, and polygon feature class geometry and loads in-lines, cross-lines, live trace outlines, and individual traces. This module supports Esri® transformations and uses Esri® ArcGIS® engine for transformations and re-projections.

We also provide a file transfer service, which works with the Aspera® Connect Browser Plug-in to deliver big datasets at fantastic speeds. Our technology features significant improvements over traditional FTP and HTTP downloads speeds and reduces the time typically required for reviewing, collecting, and processing files. With fast, secure, and predictable data delivery, you can avoid the risks associated with physical media transportation.

Any deployment of Exploration Archives comes with a services package, which initiates administration and monitoring tasks through a gamut of tools. These include:

  • A maintenance tool for automating maintenance tasks so you have more time to focus on other tasks, such as interpreting and processing seismic data
  • A system that monitors user actions and provides email notifications for activities that may require additional action
  • Unique policing scripts that initiate automated tasks to track data trends and monitor data integrity. This will help you boost workflow efficiency as well as the quality of data cataloging.

Our team also provides you the support you need to stay on top of your competitors. We know that the oil and gas industry has been rapidly changing and evolving — more than it ever has in past decades. Geophysical data management software can’t rely on sporadic updates once every five or 10 years; a reliable, top-notch geophysical data management software needs regular support, and advancement initiatives to provide value to those on the field and in the office. 

As a customer-focused company, we provide constant updates to our software to ensure we support the most recent file formats, update processes to handle revised best practices, and resolve shortcomings that users encounter in their day-to-day activities. At the same time, we avoid cosmetic changes that can cause churn and frustration to users who have already established their most effective workflows.


We also offer custom modules to support unique workflows, such as the MobileMedia™ scanner. This handy phone app can:

  • Re-barcode physical items
  • Record bay, aisle, box, and shelf information
  • Maintain a real-time data connection
  • Check out and receive items for orders
  • Provide pick and route features
  • Identify warehouse status

Experience the Best Geophysical Data Management Platform

Exploration Archives is the best seismic data management platform for monitoring, managing, accessing, and manipulating G&G data. Built for self-managing and accessing data, it supports the full cycle of acquiring, storing, cataloging, exporting, and downloading data to a workstation.

Unlike other geophysical data management tools, Exploration Archives features state-of-the-art machine-learning enabled capabilities that simplify the data management and analysis process. With robust metadata handling, powerful file storage options, and effective search capabilities, Exploration Archives gives you a comprehensive solution to work with your exploration assets.

Our software also prioritizes your company’s security as our platform is built on a robust architecture system. Authenticated access and security protocols safeguard your data and ensure that only approved users can access your assets. Use our Administration module to create role profiles and customize profiles according to particular criteria so only the people who need to access your data can do so.

Exploration Archives will be molded specifically for your team. We offer role-based profiles and a shared workspace that supports and encourages collaboration across different expert groups. This enables you and your team to develop and refine data to a reliable and clean state. Our distributed architecture also allows service providers, contractors, and external partners to access data stored online, offline, and nearline.

Finally, Exploration Archives provides you with a customer-oriented experience that very few other companies offer. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we will work with you to develop long-term strategic solutions to get the most out of our software. If you have special workflows that you think won’t fit our software, don’t fret. Our developers have a thorough understanding of data management and can craft custom applications to support unique workflows. 


If you previously used other software to store your data, we can convert well and seismic data from competitor storage solutions and compromised formats to give you unhindered access. We also offer custom training documentation and programs to ensure an easy transition to using Exploration Archives.

Curious to see how Exploration Archives works in a real-life setting? Contact us today to learn more.