How Your Previous Oil and Gas Data Management Training Works With Our Software

How Your Previous Oil and Gas Data Management Training Works With Our Software

Not all seismic data management software behaves in the same way or even particularly well. Sometimes it’s because the design of the software adheres to outdated concepts and sometimes it’s because it was built as an afterthought for a broader suite of seismic tools.  In many cases, you may have needed to jump between multiple programs and systems to monitor and analyze the related seismic data. Exploration Archives is designed from the ground up to be the best SDM tool on the market with a focus on streamlining and simplifying operational processes.

Working With Exploration Archives Software

Rather than start learning a new system from the ground up, you’ll have a smooth journey as you shift from legacy systems to our platform. Exploration Archives is simple to use, yet robust enough to handle all of your business requirements. 

The various built-in modules and features provide exploration companies with a broad range of tools for self-managing and accessing data. Customizable configurations allow them to be tailored directly for your needs. Extensive automation and validation allow data managers to produce results quickly that are accurate and useful.

Some of the features you can expect from our software include:

Well Data Management

‌The extensive cataloging features of Exploration Archives ensures the accessibility of organized data and its associated media. Companies can download and transfer this kind of data to the workstation in any format that they need. Comprehensive well logs, curves, and reports are available for companies to learn and explore.

Seismic Data Management 

Administrators can specify the seismic data that users need as Exploration Archives has data tools like database configuration, file security protocols, and file synchronization for customization. These tools also facilitate data importation, migration, and remediation for flexibility to the user’s request. 

Project Tracking

‌Oil and gas companies handle complex projects which require attention to detail. Project Tracker can help save loading time in accessing other records for comparison. The tracker also automates notifications indicating the progress of the project. This data allows stakeholders to plan their deliverables accurately and efficiently. 

Interactive Map View

‌The map allows users to coordinate search projections and draw new seismic lines for additional data. This feature can help users to remember the explored data. Quality control techniques are applicable at this stage with the help of ArcGIS controls.

SEG-Y Scanning

‌This facilitates the identification of data and its quality to the company. Companies can utilize this tool to prove that their data is usable and determine the scope of their coverage.

The images created by this tool can be viewed even when the file storage systems are unavailable — which prevents problems if there are interruptions in network connectivity. This scanning tool can also assess the quality of files needed before downloading them to the workstation for utilization.

Bin Grid Management

The Exploration Archives bin grids facilitate data positioning and load sheet creation for data processing. These advanced data elements help the user to create file links and quality control sequences as required by the project.

There are also custom configurations to expand the capabilities for brokerage companies that provide multi-client data services. The robust file storage options, effective metadata handling, and powerful search capabilities provide uninterrupted, reliable access to the data.

A New Era of Geophysical Data Collaboration

‌‌Built on a distributed architecture, Exploration Archives allows external partners, service providers, and contractors to access data stored online, nearline, and offline enabling a geophysical data collaboration. The system also accepts both internal and external hosting with multi-user access and connection to all storage locations. 

‌Our team provides custom solutions, training programs, and documentation to ensure your team’s transition to this modern technology is seamless. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all for geophysical businesses. That’s why we’ll take the time to collaborate with you during the consultation and discovery phase. Our team will build a custom-configured instance of Exploration Archives that uses your business workflow rather than forcing you into a generic approach. 

‌Our development team can also create custom applications specific to your geophysical data needs to support a workflow that works for you. The software also integrates with other geoscience applications like Esri ArcGIS without a hitch. However, the support doesn’t end there. We’ll be there to help you transition from your previous system into Exploration Archives as smoothly as possible — without affecting the system’s users.

‌Oil and Gas Data Management Software That Works For You

‌Exploration Archives is an effective software for oil and gas companies of all types. Built by a team of knowledgeable developers, data managers, and other technical professionals, our software is designed to provide the best geophysical data management. Our clients have already reported increased productivity, a decrease in storage costs, better workflows, and cleaner data. Contact us today and find out more on how Exploration Archives fits with your previous data management training.