Track and manage seismic data management activities on autopilot

Track and manage seismic data management activities on autopilot

Seismic data management consists of complex activities and continuous data tracking.  There are project deliverables to coordinate, contract approvals to monitor, data sales to deliver – just to name a few. With numerous moving parts to stay on top of, Exploration Archives (EA) Services can help you automate these tasks so you can focus on other important duties.

EA Services is part of the Exploration Archives enterprise suite. It’s a server-based notification and data managing system. It monitors custom activities as it happens in your system. Set up rules and actions for specific activities, and let the tool handle it automatically.

EA Services consists of five modules, each of them equipped with tools to provide the following:

  1. Policing – Maintain and monitor data integrity
  2. Metrics – Create custom data trends and produce custom reports
  3. Maintenance – Set-up and schedule database scripts to maintain database health
  4. Messages – View and track enterprise-wide error messages
  5. Notifications – Notify recipients triggered by specific criteria. Send customized messages based on an activity in the system.

Services panel


For existing users of Exploration Archives, the EA Services module is accessible through the main navigation pane. It is only accessible for user accounts with the required security roles.

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