2020 User Group Conference Highlights

2020 User Group Conference Highlights

Talus Technologies hosted the 2020 Exploration Archives User Group Conference as a two-day event in Houston. We were delighted to see most of our North American and African clients present and took the opportunity to introduce several special guests. For those EA users unable to attend in person, streamed webinars were the perfect platform to participate in the user group experience.

One of the biggest highlights of this year’s conference was the Industry Trends panel discussion. Our participants in the Q&A style dialogue talked about industry trends in general and how it will influence Exploration Archives’ data ingest and data consumption feature enhancements.

The growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Seismic Data Management and within the Exploration Archives Cataloging process were presented live – no vaporware or future promises! These technological advances were welcomed by our users and we listened carefully to the many suggestions/requirements that they brought forward.

In addition, Remote Data Cataloging, GEOJSON importer, and many other new features in the Licensing, Catalog and SEG-Y modules were demonstrated in production-ready code, while in-progress developments such as Contracts & Entitlements were revealed. After every presentation, breakout discussions gave us a fantastic opportunity to go through every user’s feedback, expectations, and specific needs.

Our partner company, OvationData Services, introduced their newest project, G&G Cloud Nexus, their private cloud storage solution. To complement this powerful new service, Talus showed off Exploration Archives’ Nexus integration toolset.

The 2020 Exploration Archives User Group Conference gave us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our priorities, directions, and future developments to our user base; It‘s an amazing platform to share our achievements and discuss our future goals with our EA users.

Thank you everyone for attending and providing your valuable input; we look forward to our next User Group Conference!