Talus attends ECIM 2018 in Norway

Talus attends ECIM 2018 in Norway

As the developers of Exploration Archives, Talus Technologies is co-hosting a booth with OvationData at the European Community of Information Management (ECIM) conference in Norway, Sept. 10-12. ECIM is known as the most important event in Europe for exploration and production (E&P) data managers, information managers and GIS professionals.

This year’s theme for ECIM is Data-driven transformation – adaptation and innovation, and Exploration Archives is full of innovation to drive your geophysical data management. Exploration Archives provides a full spectrum of data management tools to enhance quality control, improve accessibility, reduce storage requirements and track the circulation of your data.

Meet us at our booth to see the new module for managing data licenses and entitlements. In addition to managing licenses, the License module has the ability to create custom document templates and print contracts with auto-populated information. Easily cut entitlement areas of a survey with fully functional drawing tools that use X, Y, shape files, Excel® imports or shot point ranges.

With innovation at the forefront, Talus will be demonstrating the latest features of the SEG-Y Scan tool. SEG-Y Scan converts SEG-Y data files into compressed replicas for quick viewing. The scanning process extracts SEG-Y attributes, EBCDIC header data, and SEG‐Y cataloging detail. SEG-Y Scan now offers pre-scan functionality to check for anomalies in the data based on specified byte locations. SEG-Y inspection features assist with quality assurance and validate byte locations. Results display in a bar chart, sawtooth graph and live trace scatter plots to allow users to verify data before performing a full scan.

From time-saving workflows to reduced storage requirements, Exploration Archives improves seismic data management for exploration companies around the globe. Come visit us at the ECIM conference in Norway at the OvationData booth and learn how Exploration Archives can work for you.

For more information, visit https://www.ecim.no/2018.