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Exploration Archives supports cloud technology... and has since 2013.

We speak AWS, Azure, Google Cloud™ and more.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

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Enterprise software for your complex geophysical data management.

Exploration Archives is a comprehensive and dynamic software for managing, monitoring and accessing geological and geophysical (G&G) data. The software supports the full cycle of data acquisition, storage, cataloguing and exporting, and ultimately downloading data to a workstation.

The various built-in modules and features provide exploration companies with a broad range of tools for self-managing and accessing data. Custom configurations expand the capabilities for brokerage companies to provide multi-client data services. The robust file storage options, effective metadata handling and powerful search capabilities provide uninterrupted, reliable access to the data.

With role-based profiles, the shared workspace of Exploration Archives supports collaboration across various expert groups in developing data to a clean and reliable state. Built on a distributed architecture, external partners, service providers and contractors can access data stored online, nearline and offline.

One application, one comprehensive view of your exploration assets.

Distinct functionality and properties for a complete solution.

Easy integration

Integrates with existing network infrastructure and provides availability, usability, integrity and security of the data assets

Seamless data access

Authorized users have seamless access to online, nearline or offline data through a single access point and a consistent interface

Automated quality control

Automated quality control processes for SEG-Y files during data migration and cataloging ensure high-value and accurate data

Accurate data tracking

Extensive storage and indexing protocols support a powerful search engine for locating well and seismic data, and tracking physical assets

Custom workflows

Accommodates custom workflow processes and aligns with other geoscience applications such as Esri® ArcGIS®

Distributed architecture

Distributed application architecture accommodates internal or external hosting, secure multi-user access and connection to storage platforms at any location

The architecture of Exploration Archives is built on a modern technology stack that supports a variety of deployment options.

Database server stores and retrieves large volumes of data

Map and line data access and built-in geographic display

Synchronizes navigation data with Esri SDE™

Framework facilitates communication across modules

Facilitates fast and secure file transfer

Seamless integration with Petrel™

Web application for viewing SEG-Y files

Microsoft SQL Server

Database server stores and retrieves large volumes of data

Exploration Archives manages
geological and geophysical (G&G) data
with precision.

Watch our videos for informative demonstrations of Exploration Archives’ key features and modules.

Web Browser

Exploration Archives Browser is an enterprise-wide web application for geophysical teams, business analysts and external partners to quickly find and order exploration assets. This convenient option is an extension of the full Exploration Archives application.

SEG-Y Scan

Exploration Archives integrates new technology exclusively developed by Talus Technologies to further streamline data access for exploration companies. SEG-Y Scan generates replicas of data files in a compressed ‘snapshot’ format, reducing storage requirements and providing quick access to images and data details. The snapshots provide the information geophysicists need to decide if the data is relevant to a project before loading the full data file to a workstation.

Exploration Archives makes your data work.
For you.